2019-2020 COMMITTEES

CHAPTER MATTERS - Rick Reid, President

Finance Committee - To audit the accounting records of the chapter treasurer at the close of the fiscal year.  To review the chapter by-laws and recommend changes to the board of directors, as needed.

CHAIR - Ryan Moeggenberg

MEMBER - Rick Reid and Chris Shemes

Nominating Committee - To present candidates to the membership for positions as officers and members of the board of directors.  Attempt to maintain an adequate representation of all membership groups on the board.

CHAIR - Rick Reid

Founders Committee - To gather and compile Founders Award points earned by members on an annual basis.  Points are earned based on meeting attendance, committee membership and attendance at national meetings, including tele-conferences.

CHAIR - Cynthia Masselink

Yerger Committee - To write and submit the Yerger applications to HFMA National.

CHAIR - Nancy Smith

Leadership Committee - To provide the chapter leadership with training and education as part of each board meeting throughout the chapter year - 20 minutes spent at each meeting.

CHAIR - Rick Reid

MEMBER - Elizabeth Hendren and Nancy Smith

EDUCATION - Mike Connelly, Director and Michelle McElhinny, Director

Program Committee - To provide educational opportunities and professional growth to members of the chapter by planning quality educational programs.

CHAIR - Mike Connelly and Michelle McElhinny

MEMBERS - Laura Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Hendren, Kari Karaffa, Celeste McIntyre, Cindy Powers, Rick Reid, Jason Roher, Tricia Schildhouse, Chris Shemes, Lori Smith, Nancy Smith, Steve Vanderjagt, Heather Velaga, Kelli Williams and Ron Zant

Webinar Committee

CHAIR - Mike Connelly

Spring Conference Program Committee - To provide educational opportunities and professional growth at the Spring Conference.

CHAIR - Nancy Smith (2020 Michigan HFMA Spring Conference)

MEMBERS - Cody Barnes, Mike Connelly, Laura Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Hendren, Casey Herald, Kari Karaffa, Tom Matonican (Great Lakes Chapter), Michelle McElhinny, Cindy Powers, Rick Reid, Nancy Rocker (Eastern Michigan), Jason Roher, Chris Shemes, Ellen Tolley, Steve Vanderjagt, and Kelli Williams

Networking Committee - The “Fun” Crowd

CHAIR - Kelli Williams

MEMBERS - Cody Barnes, Donna Hendrie, Erin Kelleher, Nancy Smith and Heather Velaga

Women in Healthcare Leadership Committee - To provide educational and networking opportunities for women in the Western Michigan region.

CHAIR - Kelli Williams

MEMBERS - Elizabeth Hendren, Rhonda VanDrunen, Nancy Smith, Laura Fitzgerald, Ellen Tolley, Kari Karaffa and Jenni Hoonhorst

Physician Group Committee - To provide educational and networking opportunities for those that work in a physician group setting.

CHAIR - Ron Zant

MEMBERS - Mike Connelly, Michelle McElhinny, Cindy Powers, Tricia Schildhouse and Julie Snyder

Registration/Reception Committee - To prepare pre-registration name tags, collect registration fees and greet members and visitors at chapter meetings.

CHAIR - Michelle McElhinny

MEMBERS - Rhonda VanDrunen, Laura Fitzgerald, Nancy Smith

Sponsorship Committee - To solicit and receive corporate and vendor sponsorships for various chapter functions - directory, newsletter, chapter meetings and Spring Conference.

CHAIR - Ellen Tolley

MEMBER - Cody Barnes and Heather Velaga

COMMUNICATIONS - Jason Roher, Director

Public/Professional Relations Committee - To inform the various news media regarding chapter elections and other activities.

CHAIR - Dennis Page

Website Committee - To maintain the chapter's website to allow members to access current information regarding activities of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, both at the local level and at the national level.

CHAIR - Jason Roher

MEMBERS - Dennis Page

Social Media/Networking Committee - To promote membership discussion of healthcare finance-related issues and chapter events on social media platforms.

CHAIR - Jason Roher

MEMBERSHIP - Laura Fitzgerald, Director

Membership Committee - To recruit new members for the chapter, upgrade the member status and educate new and existing members about Healthcare Financial Management Association and to coordinate the recognition of new members to our chapter.

CHAIR - Laura Fitzgerald

MEMBER - Amy Assenmacher, Linda Klute, Rick Reid and Steve Vanderjagt

Certification Committee - To promote HFMA certification, provide information and proctor exams for HFMA members.

CHAIR - Nancy Smith

MEMBERS - Kelli Williams

If you would like to join one or more of our committees, please e-mail us and we'll direct your contact information and area(s) of interest to the correct committee chair.  Thank you so much!